Janice Anthony

The content of my paintings lies beyond the visible features of woods and rocks and water. My intention is to convey the sense of a place; the moving, the solidity of rock and the transience of water and the strength of the ground beneath. I feel a great affection for the otherness of the natural world, for a place which I have just entered which exited autonomously before I saw and felt it and which continues to exist when I leave. What I depend on is the separateness of wilderness.


For me the magic of landscape is that it is actually a parallel world to that of humankind. I am delighted when I find a place that is perfect in its wholeness, clearly a world apart, that requires nothing of me, and that offers me nothing but a vision of its self-sufficiency. I don’t want to be merely in a place that exists outside and beyond me, I want to become that place.

The act of painting unites me with a wilderness that I recognize within myself. When I am not painting, I feel disoriented, no knowing where I really am. Putting paint onto canvas is where I find my bearings, at the intersection of the image and the brush. A glimpse of landscape becomes a structure of which to put paint, and that place becomes submerged in the process of painting. Place and paint merge in synthesis that is something new, apart from that which I originally encountered. A painting emerges from my meeting with it, and the place itself floats back away from the wilderness.


Salmon River
Acrylic, 20 x 34 inches
Carrying Place, Hancock
Acrylic on linen, 22 x 28 inches
Algonquin Marsh
Acrylic on linen, 20 x 16 inches
Southwest from Mount Waldo, Wabanaki Lands
Acrylic on linen, 16 x 15 inches
Schoodic Stream
Acrylic on linen, 17 x 16 inches
Starboard Rocks, Vinalhaven
Acrylic on linen, 24 x 24 inches
River at Dawn
Acrylic on linen, 16 x 20 inches
Salt Marsh, Sagadahoc Bay
11 x 25 inches
Green Marker, Sasanoa River, A/C
12 x 20 inches
Red Marker, Sasanoa Rover, A/C
12 x 20 inches
Balancing Rock
Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 18 inches
Somes Sound Estuary
Acrylic on canvas, 15 x 22 inches
Forest Light
Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 20 inches
Island Interior
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12 inches
Mountain Pool, Autumn
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 18 inches
Riverhill Wisteria
Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 13 inches
Solstice Sunrise
Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Winter Dance
Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 20 inches